Hello, World! We're Assemble Engineering.

Welcome in! Today, we're launching this site as a home for Assemble Engineering. Over time we hope to share much about what it's like to work at Assemble, both in the technology we use and the way we work. We'd like to kick things off by sharing something at the core of how we work, our engineering values:

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How we defined our values

Earlier this year, we set out to define a set of statements that we feel describe our engineering culture and how we operate. They build upon our six company virtues: Accountability, Adaptability, Collaboration, Goodness, Nonconformity, and Trust.

These values are the result of a collaborative brainstorming process. Over several iterations, we focused in on core ideas that we all shared. Additionally, we wanted our values to have a few useful attributes:

  1. Not purely aspirational. Our values should capture our engineering culture today.
  2. Actionable. Our values should help us make decisions when it comes to engineering tradeoffs.
  3. Not truisms. Reasonable people may disagree with these values.

We applied this criteria to our ideas and narrowed them down to an initial set of values. Over time, as Assemble grows and changes, we can iterate and adapt these values accordingly.

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